Base Camp Solutions - Facility Services

Turn Key Base Camp Solutions

Drawing from our experience in Emergency Catering, Facility Services and Event Catering, Premier Catering & Events can provide service and amenities that exceed most Base Camp Solution providers.  

Site Preparation & Management – We provide a skilled Project Manager to ensure streamlined coordination while constructing and managing: site selection and design, inclement weather protection, road access to site, drainage access, and security.

Portable Living Facilities (PLFs) – We provide temporary emergency facilities that include services such as:

  • Mobilization to the location
  • Dining Facilities that include seating, handwashing stations and restrooms
  • Laundry Facilities that include appliances, hot water heater, folding tables and needed supplies
  • Recreation Area that includes seating and satellite television with DVD capabilities
  • Camp Office & Living Quarters for staffing
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Restrooms & Showers
  • HVAC & Power Systems

PLF Management - We provide experienced leadership the facilitate personal needs, catering and housekeeping, facility repairs, vendor coordination, etc.

PLF HSE – Our HSE representative will ensure that the PLF is maintained in a skilled and safe manner, including: maintaining healthy and productive occupants and employees, utilizing company JSA reporting and maintaining all OSHA facility and impact standards, minimalizing environmental impact on the surrounding area and communities, etc.

PLF Culinary Staff – A culinary department run by an Executive Chef certified by the NRA Serv-Safe program as well as certified support staff will handle supply procurement, menu planning, and meal servicing.

PLF Housekeeping – The housekeeping department will maintain proper cleanliness and sanitary standards in sleeping and common living areas.

PLF Maintenance – We will ensure that all aspects of the PLF are kept in safe operating order.

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